Hi! My name is Matteo and I... ...AM ...DESIGN ...LIKE
It's not a secret for anyone who knows me: I'm a gamer since I was a child!
I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a MMORPG, and I'm the admin of what has become a well-know info site about it: FFXIV Hub!
It's a Tumblr-based news aggregator I run all by myself.
FFXIV Hub: Tumblr (main website) | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

I mostly like pop music (with my favorite artists being Madonna and Marina and the Diamonds), but I love to listen to other stuff as well.

I don't spend hours in front of the TV. However, I still greatly enjoy watching movies and, sometimes, a TV series or anime.


Other things I like include: the mobile phones world (especially Nokia, Windows Phone and Android), cooking (mostly sweets!), travelling, etc.